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  • Zanotta - Blanco Dining Table
    Zanotta - Blanco Dining Table
    The Blanco dining table was designed by Jacopo Zibardi for the Italian manufacturer Zanotta.The table has been presented in public in the year 2011 for the first time in the Salone Internationale del Mobile in Milan. The elegant and unobtrusive dining table spreads pleasant quietness and offers space to several people with its round table top. The table top lies on a robust socket which ensures stability and connects the table with the ground with its organic shape. The soft and compact appearance of Blanco is reinforced by the material of the white table. Zanotta manufactures the dining table out of crystal plant. This is a measure pigmented, mineral containing polyester resin and acrylic composite material and possesses numerous practical characteristics. Crystal plant is practically fire resistant, compact and pores free, hygienic, resistant as well as pleasant to be touched with its soft, natural-stone-similar surface. The material is furthermore extremely easy to care and 100% restored, this means that it can be brought back to its initial appearance with a simple cleaning product and a sponge, and it does even remove cigarette burnings. This special resistance the material is very environment-adapted. Zanotta also offers the Blanco dining table with a table top out of crystal glass.
  • Zanotta - Reale Table
    Zanotta - Reale Table
    The Reale Table is a design-classic of the brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. It is based on a design of the year 1946 and manufactured by Zanotta. The multi-talented Mollino (who has been a successful racing driver, skier and of course designer) became famous for his dared, partly also surreal designs. One example for his fantastic is the Reale Table with its exceptional wooden frame. On the frame lies a noble crystal top with inclined, ground borders, whereby the frame is deservedly emphasized. Zantta produces Reale after an original design by Mollino. In the beginning of the 20th century, the tables were manufactured in a widely lower number. This fact and the specialty of the designs of Mollino led to immense prices on auctions today – that is how Reale was the first piece of furniture which has been paid more than one million dollars in an auction in the 20th century. Reale is also available in further editions (size, material, colour).
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