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  • Ooh La Laaa . . .
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  • ох, ла ла! (228)
    Фото автора Леди дождя на Яндекс.Фотках
  • Elie Saab red carpet calling
    Elie Saab's Paris fashion week showing started out with black - and lots of it, and mostly with sophisticated tailoring. It almost seemed as if Saab's usua
  • Secret Garden Circles Yellow.png
    Фото автора Cadi на Яндекс.Фотках
  • Go Head To Toe In The Tweed Trend
    From the days of Coco Chanel, ladies have loved slipping into fall and winter tweed to give their wardrobe a proper twist. Tweed was just as hot on the fall/winter 2013 runways with everyone from Dolce & Gabbana to Lanvin to Rag & Bone adding a little tweed to their collection. Here's how you can wear tweed this winter from head to toe.
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    • Red- Bellied Woodpecker: McDermit3
    • Red- Bellied Woodpecker: der
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  • Prom
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  • Яндекс.Фотки
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    • hsd_Neptunes_Garden_ele37sh.png
    • NLD Light effect 2.png
    • Effect1 - CSI for Poly
    • snowflake scatter
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  • Мастер-класс лепки украшений "Starbucks" из полимерной глины
    Приглашаю на мастер-класс 'Starbucks'Воскресенье, 10 марта, 12:00Занятие подходит для новичков, но также будет очень интересно и уже владеющим этим материалом. Вы узнаете о видах и свойствах полимерной глины разных производителей, преимуществах и недостатках, узнаете о правилах запекания и нанесении лака, необходимых инструментах. На занятии мы изготовим комплект украшений на тему 'Starbucks' - браслет и серьги.
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  • I never told you
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    • Ocean Dots fabric by pattysloniger for sale on Spoonflower - custom fabric
    • VC_DreamsOfABoy_El67.PNG
    • Green Fruit Swirly Spiral Design Abstract Art Print - 4 x 6 - bright green leaves lime nature organic
    • be wild
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  • Workout
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  • Tasty Tattoo Vectors
    This is a set of tattoo vectors ready for easy stamping on your own projects. Taking cues from body art and tattoo magazines, sketches were made, scanned and digitally converted. Stars, wings, swirls, angles and more, combine to create a fun set of tattoo inspired designs. Best of all, it's royalty-free, so you can use it in your products and designs both for personal use and commercial work; with no strings attached. Download a free sample and try it out.
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  • Frisky Filigree Photoshop Brushes
    Can you believe this Photoshop brush set is completely royalty free! That means you can use Frisky Filigree on all your personal and commercial projects. This set is made up of a variety of playful swirls, daisies, circles, dandelions, tendrils, and more. Give Frisky Filigree a test drive, download the free sample above. Enjoy!
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    • coquillages
    • A Rare Iconic Gucci Tom Ford 1996 MInimalist White Jersey Gown
    • Keller Nine Hole Laceup Shoe
    • Red- Bellied Woodpecker: Fairy Dust
  • Brush Bundle Vol 1 Photoshop Brushes
    This Royalty-free Photoshop brush bundle is a package deal containing 3 complete brush sets from the Designfruit collection. This fusion of Stitchy Circles, Flowering Frenzy and Doodle Dandy is full of diversity. The Doodle Dandy Photoshop brush set contains 24 high-resolution designs that Jason Gaylor sketched on paper and compiled digitally into abstract compositions. This hodgepodge of stars, swirls, keyboards, circles and more merge to create retro compositions with a tinge of psychedelic influence. Mix and match the individual pieces and create your own montage of clouds, leaves, suns, squiggly strips and corner pieces. Great for scrapbooking! The Flowering Frenzy set is 18 high-resolution Photoshop Brushes inspired by nature and mashed up with some digital craftiness. With a full variety of blooming flowers, wiry vines, and playful greenery you can push any photo or design over the top. As always, these are great for scrapbooking too. Plaster your next digital scrapbook page with these wonderfully creative brushes. The Stitchy Circles set is 24 high-resolution Photoshop brushes Inspired by quilt patterns and circular borders, intricate, retro, ribbon-like vines wrap around complex circle patterns as if they were stitched or sewn. This brush set is light and frilly; combining lacy-filigree with dot patterns, zig-zag lines, geometric shapes and ornate, victorian embellishments. All the original designed circles are single brushes larger than 2400 pixels in diameter. Many of the other brushes are layered circles with strokes, and designed for easy placement in the corner of a composition, photo or other graphic layout. The sets are royalty-free, so you can use them in your products and designs both for personal use and commercial work. Download a free sample of the brushes and try them out.