Here is the Imagine♥(Part 1)
My P.O.V.(Christen)
Yesterday was the last day of school. I was supposed to prank people with my used to be,good for nothing,boyfriend Zayn. But that all changed when I found out that he was cheating on me with someone I despised... 
*Last Day of School*
"Finally it's the last day of school!" Zayn shouted, running down the hallway with me. Today was the last day of 12th Grade,and Zayn and I were planning on doing some pranks together. "I'm so excited! I've never done anything bad before!" I replied slightly nervous. "Yeah,exactly! But that's about to change since you're my..." Zayn trailed off,as he stopped running. "Zayn? Why did you stop talking?" I asked curiously,as I stopped running. "Um,no reason. I just lost my train of thought that's all." Zayn said nervously. Ok, that was kinda weird. "Hey Zayn! Let's prank Lindsey first!" I suggested,based on the fact that I really can't stand her. She's always been throwing herself at Zayn this whole year! "No!" Zayn growled at me. "Why not?!" I asked defensively. "She's been throwing herself at you this whole year!" I exclaimed. "She deserves to be egged or something!" I continued. "Why? Because she's giving me more than you ever could?!" Zayn spat at me. "What do you mean by that?!" I yelled furiously. Uh oh,people are starting to gather around us in a circle. I can't believe they're watching me and Zayn argue! That's when Zayn suddenly went quiet as if he was hiding something from me. "Zayn...are you cheating on me with Lindsey?" I asked,depression sinking into my voice. "Wow you finally figured it out!" Lindsey remarked,her voice full of sass,as she strutted toward Zayn kissing him...
*Flashback Over*
My P.O.V.
I knew I shouldn't have dated a Bad Boy. My friends tried to warn me but I didn't listen because Zayn was so sweet to me. "Until he broke my heart that is!" I screamed full off anger,throwing a knife into the picture of me and Zayn hanging on the wall in the kitchen. "Great,that's not the only thing that's broken." I mumbled to myself. Instead of cleaning up the broken glass from the shattered picture on the floor,I decided to take a walk. Unfortunately,Zayn lives in the same neighborhood as me. "I hope I don't happen to bump into him.." I growled to myself.
Zayn's P.O.V.
Here I am,sitting lonely on my bed staring out the window. When I should be having fun. "Ugh,why did I have to do something so stupid!" I screamed, rolling around on my bed throwing a fit. "I should have never..." I trailed off,looking out my window at the beautiful sight of Christen taking a walk. Lindsey could never look so good just walking. Good thing I dumped that little... "Ugh,never mind!" I said aloud, quickly running out of my room,down the stairs in an attempt to get outside. When I got to the front door,I opened it in a rush,hitting myself with the door in the process,and desperately ran outside to confess my true feelings for the girl I cheated on.

My P.O.V.
I just walked past Zayn's house... "I absolutely,with out a doubt,hope he DID NOT SEE ME!!!" I shouted out loud,speeding up my walking.
"You hope who didn't see you?" A familiar voice behind me asked. I then stopped speed walking,turned around,and immediately regretted it...
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