'Get up, Jess.' I thought to my groggy self, seeing on the pale blue clock that said on the oak night table next to my bed. It read past noon, and if I didn't get up I'd miss out on the fun taking place with the five boys who also inhabited the home. I rolled out of bed and, still groggy, and made my way to the kitchen where I found three out of five boys sitting at the counter. With four of six chairs inhabited, one by our cat, Lulu, at the counter, leaving me the choice of parking myself next to Harry or Zayn. Seeing as Harry held the most food on his plate, I hurriedly poured myself a mug of coffee from the steaming pot and sat down next to him. As I did, I noticed Zayn's eyes on me, a small smile playing at his lips. When I sat down, the smile faded and was replaced by a look of... anger? hurt? jealousy? I frowned into my coffee, practically inhaling the creamy liquid. As I set it down, taking a piece of waffle off of Harry's plate and popping it in my mouth. 
"Afternoon, sleepy head." Harry said, smearing whipped cream from the waffles on my nose. 
"Hey!!" I giggled, wiping it off and licking it off my finger. As I did, I watched the deep mug that was grasped in Zayn's soft, firm hands be slammed down on the table. He stormed out of the room, and seconds later, I heard the front door open and slam. Zayn had just run out into the rain. 
"Wh... what was that?" I asked, looking from Harry, to Niall and then to Liam and Louis who had just entered the room, mouths gaping open. 
"He likes you, that's what." Harry said, and I frowned. "Really, really likes you. When he saw you sit down next to me, he got-" 
"Jeaaaaallllooooouuussss." Louis sang, finishing Harry's sentence. 
"No." I said firmly, not believing them. "I don't believe you." 
"Please, Jess. Have you noticed him staring at you every time you're in the some room?" Niall said, shoveling more food into his mouth. 
"How he jumps at every chance to spend time with you?" Liam added. 
"What? No... Can you prove it?" I asked, beginning to consider their theory. The boys all looked to each other, and suddenly, Harry got that look in his eye. The look that meant he had an idea. 

At nine o'clock that night, our plan was full in effect. Liam had suggested movie night, and Zayn agreed. See, this was all part of our plan. 
"Guys, he's coming. Get ready." Niall walked in, telling us that, and I jumped into Harrys arms on the sofa. As soon as Zayn walked in, sitting down on the chair that sat about a yard away from me, all the while glaring at Harry and I, Liam clicked the lights off and started the movie. I had selected Harry Potter, knowing that it was Zayn's favorite movie, and as it began Zayn's eyes stayed trained on Harry and I. Harry's arms were wrapped around me, and I was snuggled into his chest. We continued this behavior with the occasional whispering in each others ear, making it look like we were talking about something sexual. In reality, we were conversing about he plan and Zayn's behavior. He still sat glaring, not paying attention to the movie he so loved. Not long into the movie, I was given a particularly foul look and Zayn stormed off into his room, slamming the door violently. I sighed, scooting away from Harry to mull this over by myself. He liked me? Did I like him back? I... I think I did. I didn't realize it, but I did. It was mean of me to do what I did, and I regretted it now. As the movie neared the end, I made a decision. 
"I'm gonna go talk to..." I trailed off, and the other boys nodded in understanding. As I said, I hauled myself off of the sofa and went up the stairs. I knocked lightly, and was answered with his voice, muffled by the door. 
"Go away!" He was crying. Hearing his tears, I immediately opened the door and stepped inside, quietly closing the door. 
"Zayn..." My blue eyes traveled from the heap of shattered glass and beer on the floor, to his hand which laid next to him on the bed, a stain of crimson underneath it. He laid on his stomach, head of now messy dark hair facing away from the door, trembling visibly from across the room. I crossed to him, and sat down on the bed, taking his bloodied hand in mine. Pulling a tissue out of the box that lay on the floor next to the bed, I placed it over his bleeding palm and closed his fingers around it. "Hey..." I said softly, and Zayn looked up at me with puffy red eyes. Seeing the hurt in his eyes broke my heart into a billion tiny pieces and compelled me to do what I did next. I leaned down and pressed my lips against his gently. He didn't hesitate to kiss back, just as gently as I did. After a minute or two, Zayn pulled away. 
"What about Harry? Aren't you two-" he asked, astonished. 
"No. No. We're not. At breakfast, I only sat next to Harry because he had food. Just now, that was the boys proving to me that you're... you like me." I said, my face still merely centimeters from Zayn's. 
"But... You always seem to hang out with Harry, Jessie." My heart melted at his nickname for me. "I thought-" I kissed him into silence. 
"No, I like you, Zayn." I said, rolling over the top of him so that I was next to him on the bed. After pulling the black duvet over us, I wrapped my arms around his still shaking body and held him there, waiting for him to fall asleep before I did. 
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