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It all started when I got sick a lot and I mean a lot, my friend did suggest I might be pregnant but the idea seemed so far away. Nevertheless me and my friend got 3 pregnancy tests to do when we got back home, once we got to me and Zayn's house I took all 3 tests. While we waited for the results I began to worry and feel sick about what Zayn would do once he found out. Once the tests were finally done all 3 were.......positive! 

I was so nervous to tell Zayn I was pregnant, I was really scared myself too I didn't feel ready yet to be a mum. Once my friend left I decided to sit down on the sofa and watch T.V and wait for Zayn to get back from band practise. Suddenly I heard someone come through the front door and walk towards the living room where I was.
"Babe, I'm back", Zayn shouted as he entered the living room and sat next to me and kissed my cheek.
"Hey babe", I said.
"Sup", he asked.
"Nothing, just watching T.V, my friend just left", I answered.
 "Cool, I'm going to the bathroom be right back", Zayn said and kissed my cheek as he walked into the toilet.
Suddenly as he left I remembered I left the pregnancy tests in the bathroom and Zayn would probably find them. As I ran to the bathroom it was too late Zayn was standing outside the bathroom holding the 3 tests in his hands.
"Whats this", he asked.
"Zayn....I'm so so sorry-", I said as I started to cry.
"Hey, hey don't cry we both did this and plus it's a good thing I can't wait to be a dad", he said hugging me and kissing the top of my head.
"Really?", I asked surprised and pulling out the hug.
"Of course babe, I love you", he said kissing my lips.
"I love you too", I said kissing him back.

 Sorry It's bad I'm kinda tired and its late and I should be doing homework :P shhhhhh ... hehe :)

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Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Haha thanks :D @hannahbanana3233

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Your welcome @zoebrown123 :) x



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One Direction & Ed Sheeran ✔

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Ed Sheeran and One Direction ✔

Ed Sheeran and One Direction ✔

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More Than A Group : One Direction. ♥

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