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"You ready, Alex?" Zayn breathed.

"Are you ready?" I asked with my eyebrows raised. 

We’ve been playing for only fifteen minutes and he was already winded, his chest pumping up and down, and his face damp with sweat.

He let out a laugh that sounded like a whimper and nodded. We faced off and I swiftly kicked the ball away from Zayn. I sprinted down to the goal while juggling the ball and shot it into the goal.

I jumped up and shouted victoriously, "That’s 10-0, Zay-"

I looked back to see that Zayn wasn’t anywhere near me. He was still near where we started except this time he was collapsed on the turf. I ran back to Zayn and kneeled beside him. I stifled back my laughter before asking what had happened.

"I tripped and fell. I was too tired to get up," Zayn said.

I laughed at him and added, “Okay, we can rest then."

"I didn’t know you were so good at football, holy sh**," Zayn said taking a long sip from my water.

"Yeah, I grew up playing it."

"I can tell. You’re like a football-playing angel or something," He said.chuckling.

"Shut up, Zayn," I said blushing and hitting him on the shoulder. 

"Aww, Alex! You’re blushing!"

Zayn grabbed for my cheeks and I swatted them away and stood up. My cheeks still burned red as I grabbed the soccer ball.

"Alright, break’s over. Let’s play!"

Zayn grunted and stood up. 

We played for a bit more and I could tell he was getting very frustrated with losing.

As I was kicking the ball down the field I felt a hard poke at my butt. I jumped and said, “OW!" I turned to look at Zayn, who was behind me, with a wide smirk on his face. “Why did you poke me with your stick?" I asked incredulously. Zayn began laughing at my unconscious mistake and I mentally slapped myself for that one.

Zayn came closer and grabbed my waist. He pulled me close and I wrapped my arms around him.

"You pretty much set yourself up for that one, babe."

I sighed and admitted, “You have a terrible mind."

"You love it."

"Yeah, you keep telling yourself that."

Zayn began kissing me and I almost forgot where we were and what we had been doing. I broke the kiss and picked up my soccer ball, “Okay, you ready to keep playing?" 

Zayn groaned under his breath and muttered, “Never thought football as a f***ing c***block." I laughed and we continued playing.
looooool bad words. Had to star out all of them but there you go! Hope you enjoyed it, Alex! :) <3
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