Hii, finally found the time to come on here again! Here's a one shot I've written for the lovely Melanie! Sorry for the wait, enjoy! 


"Zayn, Melanie! Long time no see!" The young nice cashier who always used to take your order, said grinning. His name was Darren and he was probably the nicest cashier you had met around.

Zayn laughed and stood beside you by the counter. 
"Been on tour for a bit. But you had the luck to be able to serve this pretty lady here." Zayn winked, his hand grabbing yours.
"You're right there," Darren laughed, crossing his arms over his chest. "The usual?" 
"Always." Zayn grinned and placed money on the counter. 

You leaned against Zayn's side, pursing your lips at the cake display.

"And two slices of that one." Zayn said, pointing to the apple pie in the corner of the display. You turned your head to him, noticing him peering at you.

"I didn't-" Zayn cheekily pecked your lips, shutting you up. "We both know you eat one piece every time we're here." Zayn laughed.

"Alright yeah." You said, bumping your hips against his.

"I'll bring it over, take a seat." Darren said, starting to mix your coffee's.

Zayn smiled satisfied and walked you over to your usual table by the window. You sat down on the wooden bench next to Zayn instead of across from him and took his hand.

"Did you come here often while I was gone?" Zayn asked, turning a ring on your index finger round and around. 
"Almost every morning before work." You admitted with a chuckle. You noticed his hair was a tiny bit shorter than when he had left. He had a small injury on his left cheekbone and scratches on the right side that seemed to be more or less fresh. 

"I didn't get to ask you what this is?" You funnily asked lifting your hand to his cheek, your finger tracing around the sore spot.

"You'll laugh." He shook his head, resting an elbow on the side of the table.
"Come on, tell me." You pressed giggling at his embarrassed features.

"With a little luck it'll be in the news tomorrow, anyway." He ran his hand through his hair, a smile still stretching his lips.

"What did you do?" You asked raising your eyebrows.

"Well," He started, leaning back in his seat. "You know those stairs on the bus on which you once dropped your suitcase down?" He asked.
"Not the one's in the front of the bus, the other one's in the back, the steep one's." He slowly explained gesticulating with his hands as he spoke.
You nodded, remembering that time, you also broke a little glass statue you had bought from Boston.

"So I was fooling around with Liam, Niall and Louis as we just parked the bus in the lot of the hotel. There was a massive crowd by the fence, 

god that was so embarrassing..." He muttered the last part, holding his forehead with his palm. You giggled a bit and urged him to go on.

"Louis was like, sprawled out on the floor with Niall holding a pillow to his face and Liam was like.. trying to jump on my back or something, 

I can't remember. Anyways, he like, pushed me and I hit the door button with my hand when I bumped into the wall...Stop laughing!" He scolded jokingly.

"I'm sorry. Go on." You pressed out between laughs.

"Yeah, and I just like,...I don't know really, tripped over one of Louis' feet probably. I just know that when the door opened, I flew right out, down the stairs and face first onto the concrete."

You burst out laughing loudly, as he shook his head at himself. 

"Really?" You asked incredulous, clapping your hand in front of your mouth.

"Yep." He nodded curtly, closing his eyes in embarrassment.

"Here you are, guys. Can I ask what's so funny?" Darren asked, still grinning as he put the tablet with your order down on the table. He placed 

your caramel coffee on the table, a plate with your cake slice beside it. Zayn's order took it's place on his side of the table as well with him digging right into his pie.

"Make sure to watch the star news the next few days, just so much." You laughed glancing at a red faced Zayn. 

"You don't need to.." Zayn muttered, his mouth full of pie.

"But you should." You whispered, winking at Darren.

"Sound's interesting, I'll see what I can do." Darren laughed and knocked with his knuckles against the table before making his way back to the counter.

"Hurry up, I'm taking you shopping." Zayn changed the subject, bumping your arm with his elbow. You turned to him frowning.

"You don't need to, I don't need new things." You told him. Zayn shook his head, sipping on his coffee.

"I want to spend time with you. And you could also try out a few things for me?" He smiled sweetly.

You laughed, shaking your head as you already knew what he meant exactly.


"Here, one size smaller." Zayn opened the curtain, holding out a new skirt for you.
"Thank you." You said politely, pecking his lips.

"I'll wait outside on the sofa." He smiled and left.

You put on the skirt and pulled the zipper on the side up. 

"How is it?" You asked as you stepped out. 

"Lovely baby! The white one didn't look as pretty!" he smiled and stood up, examining the piece of clothing on you. He pulled on the sides a bit, almost pulling it off of you.

"Zayn!" You laughed holding it up.

"It's a bit short though." He stated, pursing his lips.

"It's not, it's alright." You squirmed away from his hands, giggling.

"Alright, alright. But only on fancy dates with me." He said, jokingly shaking his head in disapproval.

"Of course baby." You agree, poking your tongue out on the corner. 

"Go change, I still want to see what they have in the other shops, I have one particular in mind." Zayn winked making you scoff before pulling the curtain closed.

You took the new items off, careful not to tear off the price tag. Zayn voice, humming a sound could be heard through the curtain until abruptly it stopped. 

"Whoops!" You heard him say, shuffling following. A small giggle sounded together with Zayn's laughter and you hurried to change and find out what was going on on the other side of the curtain. You put on your shoes and grabbed the clothes before pulling back the curtain.
Completely surprised of what you were seeing, you stopped in your tracks.

"Slowly there." Zayn smiled, holding the little toddlers hands in his. The little girl giggled, making slow wobbly steps.

"Keira!" A woman came out of the cabin next to you, her eyes laying on the little girl. "I told you to stay in here." She shook her head, a small smile appearing on her lips as she saw Zayn holding her daughter probably, by the waist.

"She's a cheeky little bug." Zayn chuckled, poking her belly. Keira wiggled her hands around almost falling over yet again. Zayn laughed and slowly let go of the little girl as she turned to wobble over to the woman.

"Yeah she is," The woman laughed, shaking her head at the little toddler, her hand placed over her thin blonde hair. "I'm sorry. If you once don't pay attention..."

"It's alright, really. Don't worry, I'm good with kids." Zayn assured her, waving his hand at Keira as she giggled and waddled away already.

"I'm gonna go catch up with her," The blonde woman smiled. "Have a nice day!" She called and Zayn returned her goodbye with a little wave to her as well. 

"Awww." You made still standing on your spot. 

"She was adorable." Zayn grinned and stood up, taking yours and his bag from the sofa.

"Yeah, she was." You smiled and wrapped an arm around his neck, the other one holding your items. You pressed your lips against his, enjoying how you could finally feel him being close to you.

"And now?" You smiled as him, tracing your index finger through the hair above his temple.

"I know what." He smirked mischievously.

"Mh?" You hummed. Your eyebrows raised with curiosity.

"Victoria's Secret?" He asked, sweetly. 

You scoffed, jokingly shaking your head at him.

"You're such a boy." You accused. He just winked at you before taking your clothes out of your hand.

"I'm gonna go pay those. You can think of what kind of clothes you want from there already until I come back." He laughed, planting a kiss on your cheekbone. You were left standing on your spot, laughing at how obvious it was what he really wanted you to get from there.


Sorry if this one was a little boring, I hope you liked it though (: love youu -Anna xxx
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