This One Shot is for Sidney, sorry for the wait love enjoy xxx

You strolled into the classroom, not even giving a shit about how bored you looked. "Ah Sidney! What a wonder that you honor us with your presence!"
Mrs Blooman babbled sarcastically, pointing to a chair at the front. You rolled your eyes and lazily wandered through the rows finding a place more in
the back. Blooman didn't seriously think you followed her instructions, did she? She sighed, shaking her head, probably at you, and then turned back to the 
board, scribbling down on it. "So, you all know what you're here for better than me. I'd like you to write an 3 page essay about what you did wrong.
Since i can only be here for two hours im gonna let you go, but you'll put all you wrote right here," She pointed her finger to her desks edge while 
talking. "And tomorrow You'll come again if you havent finished. Understood?" You sank farther down in your seat, groaning. "Sidney, understood? I know
its gonna be a hard task especially for you but i know you'll get it done sooner or later alright?" Around you, the students started snickering. You shot
the idiots a glare that could probably kill. "Good then if you agree with me. Get on with your work, im gonna go check on my class real quick." Blooman 
disappeared through the door closing it after her. As you assumed, most of the students immediately jumped up forming little groups, and started chatting.
And you? Well you hadnt anyone to talk to. From your clique, you were the only one getting detention. And for what? For spraying on that damn toilet
door. It was a dare, what were you supposed to do? You had your pride, no way in hell you would have turned that bet down. And a few hours detention
couldnt be as bad. 

"Ugh.." You grumbled, sliding even lower in your seat. You scanned the people around you, scrunching up your nose. The typical detention freaks.
They fight with each other, bump their heads against the lockers and feel proud when they get detention. Jerks. In the front row you spotted a girl
sitting in her seat uprng over her paper. If you remembered her right, that was Jessica from the 7th grade. She was this
nerd type always listening to her teachers and getting A's all the time. What was she even doing here..

Next to her there was a boy sank down on his seat, just like you. He was peaking over to her paper, scrunching his face up, with a grin across his lips.
You knew him, he was in english class with your friend and she always talked about him. Zayn was his name and he was pretty badass from what she's
told. You didnt believe all the things others whispered to each other though. You just didnt want to judge someone by what others were saying about 
them. To be honest, you even thought about talking to him a few times, but his weird expression always made you stay away. Not that he was scary or
anything, he just not seemed very nice from the look on his face. Still you wanted to know him, just to see if all the things that were said about him were

You were so into your on world that you didnt even realize he stopped staring at the girl next to him and was now tapping away on his phone.
You were sat two seats away from him and from that angle you could even see on the screen of his phone. He was on twitter if you saw right.
Suddenly as you were about to make out what he was tweeting, his head lifted and turned back to a group behind you that was making a lot of noise.
Obviously his eyes then landed on you catching your gaze. Your checks became hot, your heart beating faster without a reason. The boy's lips 
stretched into a smirk, his eyebrows arching. "Creeping me out?" He cheekily asked, leaning a bit back in his seat. Your cheeks flushed even more 
seeing as he caught you staring at him. "Of course not." You said slowly thinking for an excuse. "Why would I do that?" "You tell me." He laughed,
suddenly standing up and sitting down one row farther to the back, so now he was sitting right in front of you. "What are you here for?" He asked
casually sitting on his chair vice versa. He propped up his elbows on the back lean of his chair, looking at you curiously. "I uh...sprayed the toilet's
doors." You admitted feeling slightly embarassed although you were proud of it in a way. "Oh I heard of that! They said it looked pretty cool. Haven't seen
it myself though." He spoke smiling friendly. "I guess it looks okay. Why are you here?" You asked back. From all you've heard about him, people 
would think he smashed a window or beat up a little boy. "I climbed up on that little building next to the school." You frowned sitting a bit straighter in 
your seat. "Why?" "I played soccer with my smaller sister, shes in 9th grade. And well I accidentally shot the ball up on that thing so I went to get.
Bad luck that Mr Norman was near." He shrugged his shoulders, putting his chin on his arms. "And for that you got detention?" "Yeah. Last time was even
weirder. A boy of my sisters class wanted to take her phone and she called me. When I came I gripped his bag and pulled him back and away from my
sister. I really didnt want to beat him up, i just wanted him to back off from my sister. Mrs Smith thought I was gonna beat him up and the boys friends
even backed him up and said I threatened him although I didnt even talk to him properly." He explained chuckling a bit. You were confused, that was why 
he was here? He didnt shatter any windows neither he beat up someone. He didnt even insult a teacher, whihe least dangerous 
thing you imagined he would do. Not even that. Her just tried to get his sisters ball. What a badass right? "What?" He suddenly asked giving you a
funny look. You cleared your throat and shrugged your shoulders. "Nothing, I was just thinking." "Oh okay.." He grinned. "Oh my, sorry, i didnt even
tell you my name. Im Zayn!" He sticked his hand out to you, smiling kindly. You laughed lightly, grabbing his large hand and squeezing it. "Im Sidney."
"So Sidney, do you like... wanna go to that little cafe after this?" He smiled letting go of your hand. You were a little surprised but then caught yourself
and nodded happily. "Yeah, id like that." "Good then. Oh, we should start this essay before Mrs Blooman decides to keep us here over the night." Zayn
giggled nodding at you happily before standing up and strolling over to his seat. You watched him while he took out a notepad covered in doodles.
He turned his head and smiled cutely at you. He nodded his chin to your bag, intending to make you start your essay. You laughed lightly as he made a
weird childish face at you and then turned back to his papers with a smile on his lips. And thats a bad boy? You asked yourself chuckling quietly as you 
pulled out your own notebook.

Its lame i know, the only plot I came up with sorry ... I hope you liked it though. Other shots also soon. Oh and im going on vacation now on Thursday, I will try and do all your shots as soon as possible though. love you all cupcakes -Anna xxxx

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