Im sooooorry for the wait i really hope you like it (: enjoy xx

"Wow you're so lucky." The girl next to you sighed eyeing the VIP pass around your neck. "I would do anything to have one." "I got it for my birthday." You
replied smiling down at the glossy golden-red pass. "Um i'm sorry if I'm bothering but could you please give this to Niall, please. I cant meet them and I 
would be incredibly happy if you could just give this to him and tell him its from Lindsay. Please?" The younger girl gave you a pleasing look, holding out
the little notebook. "Of course love." You smiled taking it and stuffing it into your bag. "Thank you so much!" The girl threw her arms around you, hugging you
tightly. She couldnt be older than 9, you thought patting her back gently. The queue you were standing in suddenly moved and you let go of the girl.
From there it went all pretty fast and you arrived at your second row seat in about five minutes. You set your bag down on the free seat next to you. 
Technically, your friend was going to sit there but she canceled the concert just this morning because her grandfather had an accident. Poor girl.
 You sighed and sat down taking your camera out of your bag. Full battery, great. 


The arena was finally filled up with people all of them sitting on their places. It looked incredible! All the lights and the excited outbursts of other fans made
adrenaline shot through your veins. By the time when the light was turned low and the video started playing, you were excitedly chanting the boys names
with everyone else. The boys helped themselves out of the pool in the video and grinned into the camera. You almost got a heart attack as all the lights
suddenly flicked on, fire shooting out of the stage and spotlights being swayed around. Then, finally you saw Liam stepping out of onto the stage, a 
huge star smile plastered on his face. You cheered happily waving at him to make him notice you. However, soon your attention flew to the back part of the
stage where a part of the lightened background slid up revealing shoes, legs and then a leather jacket. You started to jump around when Zayn finally
stepped out and started waving at the crowds. You couldnt believe it, it finally happened! Right now, the biggest boy band One Direction was standing just 
meters away from you! And oh goodness Harry just walked towards you and stopped there! You reached out together with about ten other girls trying to 
reach his extended hand. Harry smiled down at you and the other girls making it possible for you all to touch his hand once. A girl next to you almost 
started hyperventilating and she looked around with so much happiness in her eyes. You gave her a smile, after all you were all standing here happy
to see your idols. A beautiful voice drew your attention back to the stage. Your eyes caught their gaze being fixed somewhere in your direction.
It was Zayn who now walked along the edge of the stage sticking his hand out into he crowd. It was too far for you to reach but you were just so happy
that you could see him from that close. You even saw his long lashes which surprised you a bit. But what made you the happiest was hearing his voice
without the microphone. He sang loud enough to drown the girls screams and the sound of music playing. You heard his natural voice clear and without
any microphone changes. It was a bit higher and other than through the microphone you heard the smile he was wearing through his voice.
Such a beautiful voice. You wondered if you were the only one that heard it, because most of the girls around you were so focused on reaching his hand 
that they probably didnt even realize it was Zayn who stood there. Maybe they just reached out to touch him so they could say they touched a part of
One Direction? Just a theory..
Zayn took a step back and pointed up to the sky while singing and bouncing a bit on his spot. "Up all night like this all night, hey! Up all night!"
His solo began and he mastered it with a sly smirk. Then Liam and Harry continued and you jumped around singing along with everyone around you. 
The whole arena was buzzing from all the people jumping and clapping. It was just as you imagined, breathtaking with all the lights and the whole arena
singing along. Zayns last note was better than in any album song, you couldnt wait to hear all the other things he could do with his voice during the other


You were still buzzing after What makes you beautiful played, if you could, you would have danced all night but as everybody knows, after WMYB the concert
ends. You were about to take your bag and leave when it hit you like a brick. You had backstage passes. All the girls around you who also had those
passes around their neck squeaked excitedly. Thats why they werent leaving. They were about 9 girls and a boy who was also happily smiling and gripping
the pass in his hands. Your head became a bit dizzy as you fully realized that right then in a few minutes you would see them again. And you could touch
them and hug them, even take a picture! You closed your eyes and breathed in deeply to calm yourself down. You wouldnt want them to see you 
hyperventilating. Hopefully your hair was still alright..
The big muscular man pulled you out of your trance as he called over the squeaking crowd to be quiet. It became rather quiet, well as quiet as it could be
in a small crowd of fan girls. 
"Alright please follow me we'll be checking your passes at the door, come on, hop hop!" He called waving his hand. You quickly grabbed your bag and 
stumbled after the man. You arrived at a large dark green door where a man was waiting. You were the second in the row and he took your pass, scanning it
with a weird gadget. He nodded and gently pushed you forward into the hallway. The man from before guided the way and eventually pushed open a door.
The girl in front of you gasped quietly slowing down her pace. You also couldnt believe it as you came into a large room with many couches, arcade games,
tables with food and who knows what else. The boys themselves were strewn around the room, either playing games, wrestling on the floor - Louis and Niall -
or just slumbering around next to the snack tables. You spotted the curly mob with its owner in in front of an pacman game, eyebrows knitted i.
Liam was steeling some peanuts from a bowl and then there was Zayn. He was sat in the middle of the room, cross legged with a small book in his hands.
His gaze immediately lifted as he heard the girls gasp and he put a stripe into the book and closed it. He smiling stood up and pushed the book into his
back pocket. Your eyes flicked away from him as Liam was suddenly in front of you greeting you with a stunning smile. You smiled widely and hugged him back. 
"Whats your name babe?" he asked curiously. "Im Melanie nice to meet you!" You managed to breath out. "Im Liam! Mind if i greet all the others too? Im sure
we'll have a talk later!" He smiled and you nodded. "Of course!" He squeezed your arm kindly and then turned to a girl who was practically drooling over him.
You looked to the right and saw all the boys greeting the other fans. You breathed in deeply, put all your courage together and walked up to Zayn. He
was just hugging a girl that seemed to suffocate him with her hug. "I love you so much!" She cried finally letting go. "Dont cry beautiful, I love you too."
He said, gently wiping her cheek. She was about 10 years old. She nodded happily and then looked to her left where Harry just arrived next to her. He spotted
her crying face and cooed pulling her to him and hugging her. She seemed to start crying even more from the shaking of her shoulders. You smiled, happy that
for her too and then turned your gaze back to Zayn. He looked at the girl smiling kindly but also a bit shy. You again took all the courage you had and stepped
next to him. He turned his head, noticing movement from the corner of his eye. "Hi." You breathed out already hypnotized from his hazel eyes. So much more
beautiful than on pictures. "Hi babe!" He said now fully focused on you. His smile was much larger than before and you couldnt think of how you got so 
lucky to see his most beautiful smile from this close. "What your name?" He asked seeming so happy. "Melanie.." You stuttered wriggling your fingers.
"Can...can I get a hug please?" You shyly questioned wanting to look away from embarrassment but your eyes just wouldnt listen. Zayn chuckled cutely and then 
wrapped his arms around you, pulling you to his chest. Your breath hitched and you tried to gain it back to take some of his scent in. "Of course beautiful!
Pretty name by the way." He spoke into your hair. You shivered feeling his breath on your skin. Hopefully he didnt notice. He pulled away and locked his eyes
with yours. "Wanna sit down a bit?" He asked, his smile a bit more shy. "Oh..yeah.." You got out following him to a yellow couch. He sat down and indicted
you to sit down next to him. You did what he wanted, keeping a slight distance to not make him uncomfortable. "Oh dont be so shy, i dont bite!" He laughed
sliding closer to you. You realized your 'slight distance' was almost the whole couch and you blushed a bit. "You have really beautiful eyes.." He suddenly
blurted out. He looked a bit surprised about himself and cleared his throat, looking down. A slight pink blush crept on his cheeks making him look adorable.
"Uh thank too." You said trying to see his hazel orbs through his eyelashes. He looked up and you mentally thanked him. "Thank you too."
He laughed still a bit shy. You heard a few voices and Zayns name being said. You didnt want to leave him yet! You quickly thought of something to make
him stay with you, but Zayn acted before you did and quickly stood up. "Meet me outside on the hallway." He whispered before walking away from the sofa.
The girls that approached him tried to talk to him but he started bouncing on his spot, telling them something. They started giggling and nodded. Zayn grinned
like a little boy and then made his way to the door, telling the security man something before disappearing through the door. The man scanned the room, his
eyes remaining glued on you. His lips curled a bit and he ever so slightly dipped his head to the side indicating you to the door. You hesitantly stood up and
made your way through the excitedly talking girls and boys until you arrived at the door. The security man opened the door for you and you returned the
smile. You stepped out into the hallway and saw zayn leaning on the wall with his hands stuffed into his pockets. He looked up as he heard the door.
"Im sorry for this." He chuckled a bit pushing himself off the wall. "I just...I didnt really want to cause troubles in there so its better here. I uh.." He reached into
his back pocket and pulled out a slim black iphone. "I wanted to ask if I...I may have your number?" He asked fiddling with the phone in his hand. You widened
your eyes. "M-my phone number?" You asked in disbelief. "Yeah...I um really would like to see you again, i hope you dont mind.." He shyly explained
shrugging slightly. You stared at his eyes hoping this he did not just really do that. Well in one way you wanted to have his number but...what were you 
thinking no buts! "O-of course." You breathed shakily pulling your phone out of your pocket. You gave him your phone and took his tapping your number in.
You even mentally fan girled about having his phone in your hands! "Here you go." He smiled eagerly taking his phone from your hands and happily looking down
at the screen where your number was written. "Thank you. Do you um..want to go back in? The boys surely already worry." He said slowly scanning your face
with his eyes. You felt a bit uncomfortable under his focus but tried to ignore it. "Yeah that'd be good." You smiled carefully putting your phone back into your 
pocket. Zayn smiled and looked down at his hands before surprisingly leaning down and placing a kiss on your cheek. Your breath hitched still feeling his 
lips on your skin. Zayn left his kiss uncommented and gently pushed you towards the door. "Lets not worry the boys yes?" He said obviously avoiding the
fact that he just kissed you. "A-alright." You said, eyes wide, and followed him inside.

Thats itttt hah hope you liked it and I also almost have my next one done, its for Alexandra, just so you know hun! ALSO pleeeease look at my friend @guccinarry 's sets! Shes my bestest so please give her a chance! (: Love you all cupcakes xxx
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