Zella Water Bottle
  • bobble Water Bottle by Karim Rashid
    Not only is our bobble™ Water Bottle designed by Karim Rashid a smart and easy way to reduce our use of disposable plastic water bottles, it does it with style! Just fill the clever bottle with tap water and the charcoal filter pulls out impurities before you take a nice, refreshing sip. One filter will cleanse approximately 40 gallons (two months) - replacements are sold separately. Maintain your bobble™ Water Bottle with our bobble™ Brush.
  • Luxist
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  • eddy Insulated .6L
    The spill-proof, BPA-Free Insulated eddy makes it easy to stay hydrated on the go. Insulated bottle keep drinks cool or warm longer. Sized at .6 Liter.
  • eddy .75L
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    Instant classic. Our spill-proof, BPA-Free eddy Bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated on the go. Redesigned to provide faster flow and enhanced durability.
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