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  • Cote Bastide Amber Bath Salts
    Cote Bastide Amber Bath Salts
    Cote Bastide's Amber luxury bath salts in a linen bag. Scented with the warm aroma of amber, vanilla and spices. Made in France. 17.6Oz.
  • Cote Bastide Hemp Soap
    Cote Bastide Hemp Soap
    Enjoy the fresh, natural scents of birch and lily in this Cote Bastide Hemp Soap while you benefit from the antioxidant properties of the hemp oil extracts. 4.4 Oz. Made in France.
  • Apothia Hand+Body Wash | Soul
    Apothia Hand+Body Wash | Soul
    An intimate room, alive with energy. Piano, bass and percussion accompany a warm, sensual voice. Soul resonates in the air. Paraben and Sulfate Free Sweet Almond Protein and Coconut Oil Moisturizing Signature APOTHIA band Sleek and modern design FRAGRANCE NOTES: African ginger, rich mahogany, deep taboti wood, grains of paradise. Size 300ml/10 oz.
  • Savon de Marseille - Mediterranean Sea
    Savon de Marseille - Mediterranean Sea
    Transport yourself to the turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea with this captivating fragrance from Compagnie de Provence. This refreshing scent blends white flowers, ripe citrus and subtle hints of musk, topped off with a light salty note. Indulge yourself with this Mediterranean Liquid Marseille Soap, which will gently cleanse your skin leaving it refreshingly soft and smooth. Authentic Liquid Marseille Soap. Elegant accessory for your kitchen and bath. Hypoallergenic and contains natural glycerine. 16.9 Ounces.
  • Rance L'Homme Soap Gift Box
    Rance L'Homme Soap Gift Box
    Rance L'Homme Soap contains the essential oil of bitter orange. Perfect for both men and women, each of these 6 bars are hand-made, hand-wrapped and made in Italy. A beautiful presentation for the man in your life.
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