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  • Zeus Slim Irony Bookcase
    Zeus Slim Irony Bookcase
    This sophisticated bookcase can be disassembled. It has a slender metal structure, powder coated in black and solid poplar shelves with a wax finish. The edges of the shelves have the natural raw edges of the wood. Clearance between shelves is 15 in.
  • Zeus Slim Irony Column Shelving
    Zeus Slim Irony Column Shelving
    This simple yet elegant 5-shelf column is made entirely of metal, including the black powder coated shelves. Clearance between shelves 15.5 in. Securing to the wall is recommended.
  • Zeus Easy Irony Bookcase
    Zeus Easy Irony Bookcase
    Modular bookcase that can be disassembled. Uprights in square tubing, with metal snap-fit shelves. Shelf length is either 74 or 104 cm. Powder coated in black or white. Clearance between shelves is 36 cm. Securing to the wall is recommended.
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