Name: Faye Nielson
Age: 18
Sign: Sagittarius
Symbol: Archer
Element: Fire
Power: enhanced marksmanship and enhanced vision
Personality traits: Gregarious, intelligent, extroverted, philosophical, witty, fun-loving, competitive, fair minded, optimistic.
Can also be: Tactless, unreliable, sarcastic, careless, exaggerative, self-indulgent. 
In a partnership: Spontaneous, joyful, playful, generous, captivating, sensual, unreliable, self-centered, impulsive, critical.
Likes: Adventures, freedom, intellectual peers, risk taking, socializing, competition, socializing.
Dislikes: Possessiveness, jealousy, routines, apathy/laziness, demands, feeling controlled.
Bio: Growing up Faye was quite the trouble maker. She was well known at her school for it and her sarcastic sense of humor. For some highschool isn't the best thing. Not by a long shot. But for Faye it was great. She had a solid group of friends, loved her classes and even her teachers weren't the complete worst. Faye was flirty with the boys and her love life was blooming. However Faye's family life was a bit more complicated. When she was little both of her parents died in a car accident. This caused Faye and her younger brother to be rasied by their Grandma. At first it was tough and Faye and her Grandma would aruge almost everyday. It was probably because they were so much alike, however none of them liked to admit it. Her grandma was very stubborn and quite the spitfire, alike Faye. By the time highschool they learned to accept eachother and got along better. Faye's grandma always looks out for everybody. Faye definitley learned about her abilites in an interesting and dramatic way. She was on a date with her latest boyfriend who thought it would be a good idea for them to go to an archery range. Basically he wanted to show off his talents. However Faye definitley showed him up. Having never held an bow in her life, Faye manged to get a bullseye with every arrow she shot. It was quite shocking to Faye but she passed it off as dumb luck. Things got stranger when Faye suddenly no longer needed glasses. She had been wearing her whole life. But when she visited her optometrist, it was determined that her vision was perfect. Faye feared she may have been turning into a mutant. Her brother opted for the superhero option. Everything was explained on Faye's 18th birthday. Faye is quite excited to attended the academy. The only thing holding her back will be missing her brother and her grandma. 
Collection: (optional)
Model: Cara Delevingne
"I'll put the algorithm on the board." Mr. Rands stated in his scratchy voice seconds before you could hear the chalk making a mimicy noise as he wrote the algorithm. 

I squinted my eyes behind my glasses. Well. This is weird, I thought to myself, I just got a new perscription last year. I don't need to get a new pair already, do I? At this rate, I'd be blind by the age of 30.

But try as i might, I just couldn't see. I squinted my eyes harder, covered one, then the other, but I couldn't make out the algortihm. It was just too blurry. 

"Hey? What are you doing?" I heard a harsh whisper next to me, and looked at my boyfriend. 

"I..I can't see..." I said, confused, then took of my glasses. Suddenly, I could see the board. What was going on?

Immediately, I scribbled down the expression and passed it over next to me. 

"Is that right?" I whispered, as he nodded, looking at me confused. 

I folded my glasses up, putting them away. I'd needed glasses my whole life. It was impossible they suddenly cleared up...

I raised my hand, asking for a pass to the nurse. This must be a headache. I'd heard of them doing strange things before.

Whatever this was...I would figure it out...
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