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♥ Poupées et de l'art ♥ ™

♥ Poupées et de l'art ♥ ™

Art And Doll Sets Welcomed.Fashion Sets Welcomed If it Has A Doll Or Some Form Of Art Featured.
There will be a doll/ artist/fashionista member
featured every week.
You do have to be a contest
winner to be featured.
Just make really creative sets and it just may get featured.
Set of the week:
CHECK their Work Out!!!

Elite Night ♥ ~SPONSORED~

Elite Night ♥ ~SPONSORED~

Join group to win prizes and trophies!!
(If your Blogging, Tweeting, Tumbling, YouTubing with Polyvore you belong here) gain new followers or contacts. Share the Latest trends whether your are expressing yourself through Fashion, Interior Design, Art, Music and Text.
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Goals ~
1,000 Members
We have a new contest EVERY 3 DAYS unless otherwise noted.!!
This is a place to let your creativity shine -
Set of the week: made by @lemiworld
Member of The Week:
Check their work out!!