Zoe & Morgan Fine Jewellery Sapphire & yellow gold ring
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  • Meira T 14K Yellow Gold Moon & Star Ring with Diamonds
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    Meira T 14K Yellow Gold Moon & Star Ring with Diamonds
  • Gold & Amethyst Crown Chakra Ring
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    Sahasrara is the Crown Chakra. This is our halo, also referred to as a nimbus or aureole, that is often seen in old religious paintings from Italy to Tibet. This Chakra is not located in the physical body but hovers just over the head. When it is blocked we may look for happiness outside of ourselves and then suffer as the outside world is beyond our control. When Sahasrara is open we are able to see a bigger picture, to understand that we are beings beyond our physical body. Working on this Chakra will help you to feel free in any situation.Amethyst is a great stone for spiritual protection and purification. It stimulates the Crown Chakra and helps bring us to a higher state of awareness, thus benefiting meditation. It is the violet flame from the stories of St Germaine and is said to be the ninth stone in the breast plate of the high priest of Israel. This beautiful stone creates a force field of protection around the wearer. Material: 9 carat yellow goldRing details: Length 7mm and Width 7mmSize XS is a pinky ring size UK G/ European 45.
  • Marchesa Diamond Star Band (1/6 ct. t.w.) in 18k White or Yellow Gold
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    Light up your fingertips with this gleaming ring from Marchesa, featuring etched stars embedded with round-cut diamonds (1/6 ct. t.w.). Crafted in 18k white or yellow gold.
  • Silver & Moonstone Cabochon 6mm Ring
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    Silver & Moonstone Cabochon Ring. Moonstone is the ‘Stone of New Beginnings’, connected to the moon and to our intuition. It is thought to promote acceptance and reminds us that everything is part of a cycle of change. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, we too are always changing. Material: 925 Sterling SilverMoonstone ring details: Length: 6mm, Width: 6mm.
    • BaubleBar Blue Hibiscus Ring
    • Alexander McQueen Gold Art Deco Skull Ring
    • Alexander McQueen Silver Art Deco Skull Ring
    • Jessica De Lotz Jewellery Pauline
  • Multi-Sapphire Tri-Tone 3-Pc. Set Stacking Rings in 14k White, Yellow, and Rose Gold
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    Stack up tremendous tri-tone style with this gorgeous multi-sapphire (1/8 ct. t.w.) set of stacking rings featuring blue sapphire accents on 14k white gold, pink sapphire accents on 14k rose gold, and yellow sapphires on 14k yellow gold.
  • Gold & Aquamarine Throat Chakra Ring
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    Vishuddha is the Throat Chakra. Communication is so important on every level – when Vishuddha is blocked you may feel like you are not heard and in some it will make them over-talkative and unable to listen. When the Throat Chakra is open and flowing your voice and words have more power and we are also able to listen to others and hear their truth without judgement.Aquamarine – This beautiful stone is the stone of the sea, it helps the throat chakra to open, and communication to flow like water. In ancient times it was believed to be a gift from the mermaids. Aquamarine is good for healing the heart and speaking the truth. Material: 9 carat Yellow GoldRing details: Length 8mm and Width: 8mmSize XS is a pinky ring size UK G/ European 45.
    • K/ller Collection Brass Single Knot Ring
    • Wendy Mink Black Lava Bracelet
    • Badgley Mischka Women's BA/1202MPGB Swarovski Crystals Accented Gold-Tone Multi-Chain Bracelet Watch
    • HOORSENBUHS Women's Diamond & Gold Tri-Link Hoops
  • Effy Watercolors Multi-Sapphire (1-7/8 ct. t.w.) and Diamond (1/3 ct. t.w.) Statement Ring in 14k Gold
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    Colorful oval-shape sapphires are accented by brilliance lines of round-shape diamonds (1/3 ct. t.w.) in this unique ring created by Effy in 14k gold. Sapphires include green sapphire (3/8 ct. t.w.), orange sapphire (3/8 ct. t.w.), pink sapphire (3/8 ct. t.w.), blue sapphire (3/8 ct. t.w.) and yellow sapphire (3/8 ct. t.w.)
  • Gold & Orange Sapphire Sacral Chakra Ring
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    Svadisthana, the Sacral Chakra, corresponds with your reproductive system and sexual organs. Its energy is fluidity, creativity, and fertility. When it is out of balance we feel unstable, guilty and self-critical. When Svadisthana is flowing we are creative, positive, passionate and able to cope with change.Orange Sapphire is a fiery stone that is highly activating to the seat of our sexual energies. This stone helps us to feel grounded and at home in the physical world. The original source for this stone was Sri Lanka where it was called Padparadsha, meaning lotus blossom, and where its solar energy was highly prized. Material: 9 carat Yellow GoldRing details: Length 8mm, Width 8mmSize XS is a pinky ring size UK G/ European 45.
  • kate spade new york Gold-Tone Pink Parrot Ring
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    Give them something to talk about! A pair of parrots are the stars of this statement ring from kate spade new york. Designed in gold-tone mixed metal. Sizes 5 and 7.
  • Gold & Emerald Heart Chakra Ring
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    Anahata is the heart chakra. When we awaken Anahata we can experience the power of love, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. When this Chakra is blocked we can become possessive and co-dependent, tending toward dysfunctional relationships. When Anahata is flowing in balance we can open our hearts without fear, let go of old wounds and embrace life, loving unconditionally and creating healthy relationships.Emerald is love crystallised. This wonderful stone helps to open the heart and clear the emotional field, it clears and strengthens the heart on all levels. It helps us to view people and circumstances with compassion and understanding. This is also a good stone to heal the wounds of the past and let go of beliefs that limit our future potential. Material: 9 carat yellow goldRing details: Length 8mm, Width 8mm Size XS is a pinky ring size UK G/ European 45.
  • Effy Balissima Sapphire (7/8 ct. t.w.) and Blue Topaz (1/2 ct. t.w.) Snake Ring in Sterling Silver and 18k Gold -
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    Vibrant round-shape blue sapphires (7/8 ct. t.w.) adorn the body of an exotic snake which is highlighted with a brilliant pear-shape blue topaz (1/2 ct. t.w.) eye in this unique snake ring designed by Effy in sterling silver and 18k gold.
    • J.Crew Feather ring
    • KENNETH JAY LANE VINTAGE flower ring
    • DANNIJO Eden
    • EC One Emily Diamond Ring
  • Gold & Blue Sapphire Third Eye Chakra Ring
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    Ajna is the third eye Chakra. The inner eye is our intuition and gives us our ability to obtain wisdom that cannot be received through the physical senses. When it is blocked we may feel untrusting, cynical, and attached to logic. When Ajna is open and flowing we will have a trust and confidence in our own innate wisdom, and be able to make clear decisions and deal more smoothly with the turbulence and challenges of life. Ajna governs the functioning of all the other chakras. Blue Sapphire is the stone of mental and psychic activation, increasing extrasensory perception and helping us to see our inner wisdom. Blue Sapphire works on Ajna but also activates Vishuddha, and the combination of insight and clear communication is a powerful one. Material: 9 carat yellow goldRing details: Length 5mm, Width 8mmSize XS is a pinky ring size UK G/ European 45.
  • Star by Marchesa Diamond Star Wedding Band in 18k Gold (1/8 ct. t.w.)
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    It's your special day, be the star of the show. This polished band from features etched star accents emblazoned with full-cut diamonds (1/8 ct. t.w.). Crafted in 18k gold. Size 7.
  • Gold & Ruby Base Chakra Ring
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    Muladhara, the root chakra, is located at the base of the spine. We hold our earliest memories here. This chakra governs feelings of survival, belonging, and being grounded. When this chakra is blocked we become needy and self-destructive. When Muladhara is in balance we feel strong, secure, and able to stand on our own two feet.Ruby is a powerful stone that brings energy to Muladhara and additional life force to our beings. When you feel stuck in any area of life Ruby can help to bring the dynamic energy we need to move forward. This stone radiates courage and strength, and stimulates Kundalini sexual energy. Material: 9 carat Yellow GoldRing details: Length 8mm, Width 8mmSize XS is a pinky ring size UK G/ European 45.
  • Lagos 18K Gold Oval Sapphire Stackable Ring
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    This stackable ring from Lagos features a bezel-set oval ruby on an 18K gold band.
  • Zoe and Morgan Silver Fire Ring
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    Fire represents passion and purpose. The power of ambition, enthusiasm and meeting the world head on. People born under the astrological signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are thought to have dominant fire personalities. -Handmade-Designed to be worn as a pinky (smallest finger), cocktail (third finger), or midi ring Material: 925 sterling silverMeasurements: 0.6 cm H x 0.6 cm WSize XXS (pinky): 5, European GSize XS (normal size xs): 10, European JSize S (normal size s): 12, European L.
  • Judith Ripka Evil Eye Ring with White, Black and Blue Sapphire
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    An antiquated talisman of protection is cast in shining white, black and blue sapphires by Judith Ripka.
  • Gold & Yellow Sapphire Solar Plexus Chakra Ring
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    Manipura, the Solar Plexus Chakra, is our powerhouse. It is the foundation of our self-esteem, sense of purpose, personal identity, and individual will. When it is out of balance it can manifest in some people as aggressive, overly rigid, or controlling behaviour. In others it breeds a victim mentality, neediness, and lack of direction. When Manipura is in balance we are in touch with our inner power and able to overcome our fears. We are in touch with who we are and have a sense of purpose.Yellow Sapphire holds the ideal vibration for the Manipura, the seat of our will. It is a great stone for manifesting and while it is traditionally associated with prosperity and abundance, it is equally good for bringing ideas into form, and anything else we wish to focus our will-power on. Material: 9 carat yellow goldRing details: Length 8mm and Width 8mm Size XS is a pinky ring size UK G/ European 45.

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