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so my magazine sets are only going to be for chicnova, since i suck at incorporating their clothes into my simple sets, haha. that way, i'll be able to use other clothes i like. also, someone voted me in nomie's fall polyvore awards as best high fashion sets! which is cool because someone appreciate my style, haha

speaking of style, a lot of people have seemed to forget the purpose of polyvore: fashion and creativity. a lot of the people on here don't really care for fashion; they just like making sets but they don't really put much thought into the outfit. like they'd make a magazine set and add a pair of shorts and a crop top or something, idk. i think our sets should portray our own individual styles and if your style is crop tops and shorts then that's ok.

but the reason i'm saying this is because everyone's forgotten the purpose of this website. rather than portraying our style, a lot of people are either using polyvore as a diary / starting drama with people. i, like most, write in my descriptions sort of like a diary. but a lot of people on here start drama that can be easily avoided. it's unnecessary. everyone on here is just sad now and we all complain about how downhill polyvore has gone. i've been discussing this with nomie @nomieissoepic who's been talking about it with lilly @captainjackharkness. i know both nomie and lilly have been on polyvore for a few years, so they understand this fully

i know i talk about the "old polyvore" a lot. to be honest, i don't know how to change polyvore and make the community better again. i don't know how to make everyone active and happy and fun again. it seems like being sad is a normal teenage trend these days, but why would you want to be sad? it's not cool. if you're sad, get happy

annika @annikaelise119 has a poem in her bio and i've been in love with it for a long time, it goes like this

if you're laying in bed
wrapped up in sheets 
of miserable thought 
/go to sleep/

if thumbing through old messages
only causes your heart to ache
and long for something unattainable 
/erase them/

if it hurts to keep
everything you're feeling 
bottled up inside
/let it out/ 

if you're clinging onto someone 
that doesn't treat you like
you're worth the world
/let them go/ 

because sometimes
we choose to believe 
that things are only
indistinguishable shades of gray
when in reality,
life is more black and white
than it seems 

if you're unhappy 
with the way 
you are living your life
/change it/ 

so there's no point in being sad. it might be hard to recover from whatever the cause of your sadness might be, whether it's loneliness, or pressure, or whatever. but the main thing you should do is try to get out of that state. don't like being sad? change that. find something you like doing, go out there, have fun, live your life

also, this is probably a touchy topic, but if i say "crazy," i'm not being ableist. this is so annoying. if i say "crazy" someone always comes out and is like "don't say that it's ableist." it might be in a sense but people should know that crazy has multiple definitions. if i say that word, i'm not trying to degrade or insult anyone. same with "stupid" or "dumb". they aren't offensive unless you mean in that way. i understand how it's not nice to say "insane" because that's more extreme, and words like the n word and stuff

but back to polyvore. we all seem to be "depressed" (again, i don't mean this in an offensive way) in some way. people are sad because people are leaving, and then those people leave because they don't think polyvore is fun without their friends anymore. i, for one, don't really have many friends. you might think otherwise because i talk to quite a lot of people but that's usually in the comments; i don't pm people much. i think we all need to branch out a bit more and be friends with as much people as possible. back in the day (i feel so weird for saying this, haha), everyone was friends with everyone and everyone joined a battle group and you know what? we COMPLETED the battle group. we got to the end. a lot of battle groups never get finished anymore.

nomie is thinking of having polyvore kik groups. that way, we can branch out more and make new friends and i honestly think it will be fun, if people don't leave lol. also, she wants to promote polyvore on instagram and stuff, which is a great idea actually.

on another note, i've revamped my weheartit and my (new) tumblr! i deleted my old weheartit collections and i'm starting new ones. plus, i got my tumblr looking pretty cute. i'm slowly working my way around tumblr and html codes. i haven't worked with html codes since i used blogger which was ages ago. but check out my weheartit and tumblr because they're looking pretty good rn!

follow me (i reached 500 followers!) (follow me here because i have three followers lol)

anyway, sorry for rambling on. please don't argue with me about the "crazy" thing because i've heard those arguments one time too many times, thank you xx i am off to watch doctor who, muaha

- jemma

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