[ haha, ZOEY 101! I've been waiting for this day to come. :DD ]

PARRTAAY TIME, Y'ALL! :] Yup yups. Hah, the rest of my fam went to my grandparents' house to hang while I had the party. Unfortunately, my older sister, Zara, who's in grade 12, had to stay. My mom said that she could be the chaperon. Gawd, she is such a party pooper, LOL. Surprisingly though, she loosened up today! Why? 'Cause I said her friends could come too. Gah, it was the only way. 
Anyways, setting up was so tiring. We had to push all furniture and crap to the side and against the wall or to my parent's room, LOL. And then we had to set up the speakers, dance floor, the DJ section (yups, I got a DJ: Brandon, who's a friend of mine), set up the food table, get all the food and much much moreee. Gahh, I was doing this like all day! Well, until the party started, LOL. When I was finally done, I had to rush upstairs, change, apply makeup and stuff.
Hahs, halfway into the party, I began thinking that I invited maybe... too much people? I mean, there was Kiana, all of my BFFs, my sister's friends, my bf and his friends, a bunch of guys who I only know and talked to a few times (but whatevs, right?), a bunch of other people who were just meer acquaintances to me, some more of my cousins, a bunch of people that Ashley told me that I should invite... uhm, was there more? Oh wells! xD At least the party was controlled! Well, mostly controlled. Actually... more like in between sorta and not really controlled. :] But still. 
Anyways, I think the party was suppose to end at 12... or 1... or whatever, but I couldn't get everyone out till about 2 to 3. I had to check every room in my house just in case people wandered off to places, too. xD Dood, that was one big crowd, I tell yah.
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