Ashley went to this fancy restaurant with some guy so now I'm all alone and free. Guess what I did? I had a smexy partaayy! LOL. Joking! Joking! Instead, I went to some shops. I went to Barneys again (I dunno why). I bought this cute Diane von Furtensberg dress, which was different from the one earlier today that Ashley bought. In my opinion, I believe the dress I bought looked just as good. Anyways, I also stopped by at some awesome super-expensive boutiques. I bought this fab Gucci bag and a Chanel bracelet. Afterwards, I went to Starbucks and got myself a drink. What? I can't shop in an empty stomach! xD Anyways, I headed back for the boutiques after that. There was this one with this adorable pair Jimmy Choos, but when I came back, they were closed (screw theeemmm!!!). xD Joking. Anyways, I went to another one nearby that one and got myself a pair of haawwt Louboutins! :D I was seriously in the shopping mood.
Heey. Ashley's finally back! I wonder how her date was. She said he's only a friend but she's so indenial. Gotta run, byes! :]
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