Zombie prom queen costume

How To: Be the perfect scream queen!
1. Hair/makeup
since you were a lovely teen idle go for a marina and the diamonds look.
2. Outfit
For this you definetly want to go pink,pink,and glitter! Pink prom dresses for cheap can be found a thrift shops. for the shoes you want metallics and glitter.
3. Accessories
This is one of the main aspects of this outfit! For the scream queen look you definetly should contemplate a sah,tiara,head garland,bouquet,hoisery,and anything else you can get your hands on.
4.Zombie touches...
blood stained somthing is a must,and also pick out wounds!If you have actual scars doctor them up to look fresh.
What teenage girl doesnt love glitter? so to finish this look, cake everything is glitter for a night of zombie fun!
OPTIONAL----&& mix glitter into your blood for a little extra sparkle!

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