Monday, April 29: Greetings to everyone and welcome to The Selection, where eleven ladies are competing for the Prince’s affections and the throne. Today, you will face your first challenge. You will have tea with the Queen at the Women’s Room, where you will receive a lesson in etiquette. Make sure to wear your best day dress, prepared by your maids.

It had been a world wind these last few weeks since I was selected. I had to say goodbye to my family and friends and Thayer my childhood friend I could possibly have the slightest crush on.

All that was behind me now though. We hadn't met Prince Max yet but we were having tea with the Queen. 

I loved manners this would be easy for me I thought as Nora,Cammie, and Halle my maids dressed me in a light pink dress. They brushed my blonde hair but kept it down and put little make up on me saying I did not need a lot.

I waited with the rest of the girls for the Queen and chatted to them as they were all seated.

Suddenly the double doors opened and in walked the queen. She was beautiful and the kind of beautiful you don't see everyday either, classic.
Her maids followed and soon our lesson had begun.

I knew most of this already from childhood. Where to put my hands and where not to place my spoon. It was a refresher course for me but I smiled kindly and obeyed every command I was given.
I kept paying my attention to the other girls they were all lovely. How would the prince ever decide between all of us.

My mother once told me that with my father she just knew he was the one for her. They had been married for 20 years and still were so much in love with each other.

As I sipped my tea I wondered if that's how it was for the king and Queen? If they truly loved each other even though they were brought together by these unique circumstance.

Would Prince Max find love with one of us? Would I find love?
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