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Mamoru, my first love, light of my life. 

Mamoru Chiba

architecture student, part time barista, trained neo-samurai, secretly infiltrates underground ju jitsu fights, vigilante. Likes quiet nights, walks in the city, coffee smell, physical exercises, sushi, hot showers, burger places. Hates nightmares and memory gaps. 

[Godfrey Gao]
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Wrote 19 days ago

Wrote 19 days ago


insane randomness

insane randomness

anything and everything that pops into your head....



start a revolution.
share your dirty, dreamy, dangerous sets. show us your creativity in a fabulous contest or two. or just have a cup of tea and catch a bit of inspiration.

Art of the Word

Art of the Word

There are so many great writers on Polyvore who use the site as a means of sharing the stories that they have created, so I thought that a group would be the perfect way for us all to come together. By being in this group, you will be able to collaborate with other Poly-authors and challenge yourself by participating in bi-weekly writing competitions. Here's how they work:
Every two weeks, one of the moderators will post a writing prompt. Taking what you've been given, you are then invited to write a story. It could literally be about anything you want, as long as it follows the "rules" of the challenge. The prompt will be different each time, and could come in the form of a word, a song, a picture, a scene that you must finish, or something else entirely. The idea is to create something completely unique, to inspire your fellow writers, and to see how many different interpretations there can be of the same idea. When we get enough members, there will also be bi-weekly contests. They aren't mandatory, but you are welcome to submit your prompt related stories. A winner will be chosen by the group members.
Now before we get into the fun stuff, here are some general group guidelines:
1. Feel free to submit any of your writing, even if it isn't prompt related. You are also more than welcome to submit advertisements for roleplays and/or other writing groups. (If you would like a mod to link to your RP in an announcement, just ask.)
2. You are welcome to collaborate on your stories with other members, as long as they give you permission.
3. Do not steal anyone's ideas!
4. You are not limited to writing one story per prompt. Please, write as much as you'd like!
5. Stories can be as long or short as you'd like them to be. You may also submit poems, experimental pieces- or anything, really. I only ask that you don't post anything sexually explicit, and please place a warning or disclaimer at the beginning of your story if it deals with subject matter that may make others uncomfortable.
6. Be kind to your fellow writers, and do not make rude comments about their work. You may critique others' work, but only if you are asked to do so.
7. This is not a roleplay group, so please don't feel as though you have to create character bios or histories. However, you may write with a character that you've already created for a roleplay. You may also submit fanfiction, or stories that are based on books, movies, tv shows, etc. You may even submit these in response to the bi-weekly prompts, as long as they fit the criteria.
8. If you have an idea for a bi-weekly prompt, don't hesitate to send your thoughts to a moderator. If we use your idea, we'll give you credit!
That's all for now, Poly-authors! Welcome to the group, get inspired, and please have fun!

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