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nothing ever happens to me, except for sometimes, when everything just decides to happen

tbh i wanna shove people into the tv too baha
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The Ocean Tag: 

pearl: if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
sweden because it's literally so beautiful and amazing, i could talk for days about sweden.
sails: describe your perfect partner.
someone who won't leave me. that's all.
lighthouse: how much makeup do you wear?
shells: would you prefer to be a vampire or a werewolf?
mermaid: most embarrassing moment?
why would i want to relieve this
turquoise: weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
recently had a dream that my gov. teacher kidnapped me and made me eat some spicy french fries. legit just pm me and i'll tell you one of my cracked out dreams.
waves: favourite season and why?
summer bc my birthday, and warmth, and no school.
breakers: would you ever consider getting married?
please f.ucking jesus someone marry my gay butt
seafoam: describe your ideal summer vacation.
camping with friends!
rain: if it were possible, what exotic animal would you keep as a pet?
uh lion? i want a hedgehog thats really it guys
sunlight: least favourite song?
this nasty rap song that mags sings constantly it makes me cringe
marine: would you ever consider plastic surgery?
sea glass: what do you consider to be your best physical feature?
my hair prolly
storm: do you like piercings and tattoos? Why or why not?
sure. its yo body, make it pretty
boardwalk: who is your favourite fictional couple?
sweden and finland from hetalia, probably
can mori and hunny count
coral: if you had to describe your personality as a food, what would you be and why?
a strawberry shortcake that someone scraped all the whipped cream off with their fingers. idk.
nymph: old-fashioned or modern decor? 
seawater: scariest movie you’ve ever watched?
the old carrie always made me SCREAM as a child. but i'd watch it every day. idk, it's something about the face she made when they poured blood on her. it wasn't right..
siren: in a fantasy setting, would you be a warrior, rogue or mage?
tempest: your favourite Pokemon?
meowth or sylveon
tropic: what is your least favourite thing about your appearance?
my face lmao
aquamarine: describe your dream date.
anything at all i dont care
brine: gold or silver?

tidal: what is a colour that best describes your personality?
azure: what is something that you do that makes you happy?
petting my cats
fog: describe where you think you’ll be in five years.
dead maybe
coastline: what is your favourite flower?
i don't like flowers
shallows: what is your typical Starbucks order?
i've never been
voyage: what are your favourite names?
seraphina, edward, alexander, leaf, cinna, theodore, evangeline, camila, rosamund
shipwreck: do you have an OC? If so, describe them.
boi i got so many i cant
cerulean: do you believe in true love?
ha,,,, not really,,,, anymore,,,,
shoreline: if you could become fluent in another 
language, which would you pick and why?
swedish so i could live there forever
tsunami: describe a dream outfit of yours.
gucci thats it
riptide: are you introverted or extroverted? Are you happy with this?
introverted and no
hurricane: describe a strange habit of yours.
i sit in fetal position 24/7 even in chairs

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