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It's book review time!!! I am finally getting around to doing one for one of my favourite trilogies, The Infernal Devices! Lets do this!
I actually quiet liked this one. Ill be honest, I wasn’t sure about it at first, but the more I read, the more it grew on me. Once I actually got into it I really enjoyed it. I have never read any of Cassandra Clare’s books before so it took me a while to get used to her style and to the universe, but once I started to understand it all, I really enjoyed it.

The storyline in general was really interesting, super gripping. There was basically always something going on, which I loved. I don’t think that there was ever a boring bit. This book kind of had it all, magic, mystery, murder, cute guys, everything you could ever want in a story lol. Although, I will admit, I did find a few parts a bit, I don’t, tedious. This was mainly when Tessa was moping about and whining She just really got on my nerves. I know that this is probably a really unpopular opinion, but she did just annoy me so much. She was just constantly getting herself into trouble and moaning and she was very repetitive. She just really bugged me. I actually much preferred the secondary characters.

I love Will and I just adore Jem. I don’t know why but I really do prefer them to Tessa. Although, I can sense a love triangle and it is gong to annoy the hell out of me, I just know it will. Anyway, I love the both the boys but I also really like Henry and Charlotte Not to fussed about Jessamine, she’s pretty annoying tbh, but she’s alright. I love Sophie though. And I also cannot wait for more Magnus Bane. He is just brilliant lol. Generally I am just finding the secondary characters more interesting at the moment, but hopefully Tessa will grow on me as the trilogy progresses.

I did really enjoy this book although I did figure out a couple of the big plot twists pretty early on, which kind of disappointed me, but I’ll get over that. Overall, I did like it. A lot. It was funny and sweet with action, drama and magic. It was very enjoyable. I will be starting the second one very soon, as I am very intruieged as to where the story is going to go now.

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