This set just makes me happy? I think its because of Taehyung's smile! :3
Its so flipping cute!! X3
1st time doing a space set?? How is it??
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Elskar Deg:
@demondog Captain Booty-shorts -3-
@akihabara Romano's lovely Tomato 
@carebear-chan The son of Satan Rin Okumura. Hero in training
@toby-senpai Sweden's Waffle :3
@pepsicola111201 I WILL GET YOU!! IZAYA!! D:<
@jeankirschtein Jean's butt 
@ameliafjones1 Not so symmetrical Death the Kid XD
@mxss-holmes Pasta Boy, Italy =w=
@amrodrigues03 Gaara, The sand assassin :D
@alice423 My forever loyal friend, Kuro.
@funnygirlbunny Will one day be a Hokaga, Naruto
@amy-luvs-teenwolf Zero my Vampire Kinght 
@ritsa-abril the nicer of the two Kaoru X3
@violet-lamore One hell of a Fangirl
@lovablepinkie My Demon butler Sebastian
@carrie0919 GamerGirl
@animetrend Alphonse's Kitten
@unicorns-are-magical Fangirls Assemble
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Anime Hart<3

What Else is There to Do?

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@glitter-crystal-art Thank you! :3

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@carebear-chan @graceeliza21 Thank you!

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This is so cute!



Anime Hart<3

Anime Hart<3

Hello everyone! This group is for any and all anime sets! :D So all you anime fans join this group!! :3 I'm sure you'll like it. I try to have contests every week so if you like active groups then here you go! :3

We Love K-Pop❤

We Love K-Pop❤

This group is for K-pop lovers!! 1 week contests are up every week! c: Join If You LOVE K-Pop!!

What Else is There to Do?

What Else is There to Do?

This group is for anything!
So if you have that one set you don't know what group to enter it in, Just throw it in here! :D
I'll accept any type of set doesn't matter to me!
Have fun!

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