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it's the last day of 2016! where i am anyway! that's crazyyy :) it feels like the year went by so quickly which doesn't make sense ha but it's been a great year! i can't believe i'm going to be 17 in a couple of months?!? i'm like 12. anyway, as the title suggests, i am announcing the winners of my icon contest! +70 beautiful icons were made for my contest and i'm so blown away by that??! that's a lot, and they were all amazing, so thank you so much to every single person who entered! :D here are the winners :)

icons made:

3RD PLACE: @ashleigh989l

2ND PLACE: @d0ntblink-tips

FIRST PLACE: @trxpical-kylie-xo

thank you guys SO MUCH! i absolutely adore those three icons of yours; i fell in love with them the moment i saw them! i shall message you about your prizes in just a moment :) and since it was so hard to choose just three, here are the runner ups! you'll all get 50 likes! ♥
by @creations-by-grace
by @xx-beautifully-insane-xx
by @wheezzyseed-icons
by @siamesecat-1
by @lumiinescence
by @cheerleader7avag

so that's that! i'm so happy with how my contest went. i was not expecting so many entries but honestly i am truly thankful to everyone who entered! every icon was gorgeous :) i'm now using the winning icon! it's of lily james whom i love :D my last icon was of her too but you probably couldn't tell because her face was barely showing haha


ah so it's been a week since i last posted? i actually had a lot to talk about but i've kinda forgot half of it now lol. to sum it all up, i've been hanging out with people more and making new friends, birthday partying, going to the beach and walking lots (which is what i also said in my last set but i do that a lot anyway lol), getting mega sunburnt and sore, but it's been a fun summer so far! if you can even call this summer... it's actually kinda cold today. the weather is really bipolar

but yeah it's been nice to actually get out more instead of telling everyone all i'm doing on the holidays is "relaxing at home" hahaha. i've been introduced to a lot of new people as well which is refreshing and they're all super friendly and welcoming. we're going to watch the fireworks tonight in the city and my brother's taking me cos i can't drive there. it's gonna be good but i am feeling lamely sad because i won't be going into the next year with my family ha

also i watched batman vs superman the other day which was cool. last night i finally watched the doctor who special and eh it wasn't my fave episode but nardole was okay; for some reason i thought he'd be really annoying in that episode but he wasn't xD also (*spoilers*?) those superman/spider-man marvel comic references?? but anywho i'm excited for bill to show up :)

i've also said this before but i love not having time for polyvore?!? like it makes me feel less boring :') after i finish all of the prizes i need to give out, i'll definitely be taking it slow again and just doing my normal monthly sponsored sets. so i'll see you all next year with a brand new set! :D it's actually not brand new; i made it a few weeks ago but oh well lol. also, look out for a new taglist set! farewell 2016 xx

comment "new years eve" if you read all of this!

STAY FRESH, JEMMA | 31.12.16
@polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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@emmaluv10869 thanks emma, i really have been! and awe that sucks :(

Wrote one month ago
aw yes a new years resolution i spot?? thats really great and sweet and omg 17 yr old jemma i cant!!!

Wrote one month ago
@lumiinescence aw your icon was soooo amazing! thank you gorgeous! <3

Wrote one month ago
@falloutjadyn haha it's ok, it's weird for me too honestly i barely hung out with ANYONE in 2016 which i kinda regret; i wanna change that this year :) and yeah in february!!! haha



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☽ sweet dreams ☾ | simple & magazine sets

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there is beauty in simplicity

there is beauty in simplicity

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electric hearts ♡ simple and magazine set group

electric hearts ♡ simple and magazine set group

hey people! ♡ that was awks sorry. welcome to electric hearts ♡ a simple and magazine set group even though there are about a billion, i decided to make one more haha.
♡ there will be weekly or biweekly contests, with member suggested themes one a month or so if you have an idea message the moderator, alison @h0ld-0n-let-g0
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kute kontests ⚘

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greenery ☾

greenery ☾

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