yule ball
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Wrote one month ago
don's eyes peeled and he turned around, startled. "oh, hi there." he nodded. "well.. what do you want to do, ember?"
as regina and grace, in par with the newest edition, maisie, she stopped slowly. "what a foolish question, don. of course ember wants to shop!" regina insisted, her feet practically gliding across the snow. she knew some charms of the sort would come in handy. as they walked on, maisie hesitantly looked back.
marina smiled and jumped off a carriage, waving delicately to a few beauxbaton girls she'd traveled with. "hi everyone!" she said, approaching the group of potters. "a group of us were heading to the three broomsticks, would you care to join us?"

Wrote one month ago
everyone hopped off their carriages and ran into hogsmeade, covered in thick snow with many wizards and witches roaming around. it seemed many people were doing their christmas shopping or something of the sort. of course many hogwarts students were consumed in yule ball festivities.
"come on, it's not that bad outside," elliot was saying optimistically to don and ivory as they hopped off the carriage and walked into hogsmeade."
"so, guys, what are we doing first?" ember said suddenly from behind the group, lucky by her side; elliot jumped and ivory blinked.
"uh," is all elliot said. he wasn't expecting ember and lucky to be accompanying them, but evidently since maisie was missing, they had decided to merge with their group instead.

Wrote one month ago
maisie slowly walked out the castle, arms interlinked with regina. some turned their heads, but others didn't seem phased at all, as if it was typical for this to happen. grace trailed behind, buttoning the arm of her blazer up, leading on to adjust her chunky scarf that sat perfectly around her neck. the two sisters had perfectly structured leather handbags latched in the crook of their arm, whilst maisie merely, although dressed nice, still maintained a boisterous, tomboy appearance she was infamous for. "ignore her, maisie." regina slowly prowled, watching the potters with a clean eye.
don bobbed out of the castle and whistled at ivory and elliot, sticking his hands deep into his coat pockets. "it's freezing outside! i can't see myself enjoying this."

Wrote one month ago
"oh, i'm excited!" ember said cheerfully as they stood outside the castle, in the courtyard, waiting until the professors beckoned them to their carriages for their weekend trip to hogsmeade. again, her cheerfulness appeared forced, but at least she seemed to be dressing like her usual self, in a winter-appropriate yet stylish outfit. meanwhile, ivory had dressed purely for comfort, and so had the boys, except elliot was very proudly wearing his gryffindor scarf.
"you are before every trip," lucky insisted.
"yes, but this time, i get to look at all the nice dresses," ember replied. ivory shot ember a confused look, and ember said, "i know i already have one, but still!"

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