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&; COVER [30/30]
[x] Max 10 items (colors and text doesn't counts)
[x] 1+ filler related to your character (plum)
[x] A quote
[-] Use this template [ https://goo.gl/UD6QL3 ]
[x] Use in the title a quote
[ attention! it will counts on my final judgment!]
[x] Tag mod @uss-nefelibata and #botmcr2
[x] Fill the form bellow

- Who's your character?
Bucky Barnes
- Tag your collection:
- What do you think about your character style?
Bucky took pride in his looks before his transformation into the Winter Soldier, but since his escape he's mainly been hiding. He's a man of simple tastes, but he does care about appearances.
- Would you wears like it?
Actually I love pseudo-military paired with full skirts so sure!
- What's your style?
Eclectic. I like to have fun with clothes :)
[x] Set cover
[x] 2+ icons
[x] 3+ outerwear
[x] 6+ shirts (mixed or not)
[x] 3+ dresses
[x] 3+ jeans (mixed or not)
[x] 3+ shoes (mixed or not)
[x] 3+ accessories
[x] 4+ related fillers
&; BONUS [5/5]
[x] 1+ meme


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