this is meant to be set out like a confidential file, covering his life, maybe from his adoption centre or something.

          ○  ○  ○  ○

    gryffindor . . . darwin gray + tyler young

          ○  ○  ○  ○

        the (adoptive) family

. . . JAMIE JORDAN, father, slytherin
leo has always been compared to jamie, either through rebellious and fiery traits, or their dark curly hair and crooked smiled (which is nothing more but a coincedence.)

. . . ELLIOT POTTER, father, gryffindor
FC: Cameron Monaghan (teens+young adult)

. . . KALYSTA JORDAN-POTTER, older sister, slytherin
kalysta, leo's elder by four years, share mutual iron hearts despite not being blood related. it hadn't always felt that way, admittedly: when leo was brought home to their family, kalysta stared down the blue-eyed boy with something akin to disgust at how much he wept. she was hot on either father's heels when they were looking after him, demanding their attention and glaring at the baby. but this changed with age, and they saw each other as siblings, overlooking blood ties. leo undeniably cares for his sister, more than he willingly lets on—after all, she covered for him that one time he blew a hole in the ceiling, and she even gave him some money towards his gift for iseult during his third year. her advice is even helpful sometimes, and she even educates him on feminism among other things. she even secretly fears that leo will be expelled at some point. meanwhile, leo has always held a lot of his faith in his sister, going as far as to bet for her when she was getting into fights or duels, and finding a way to get his own back against the students who dub his sister with cruel names. however many times they may get overly competitive and nearly shove each other down the stairs, they share inside jokes as if they're on another level, making a deadly pair with their reckless personalities. many opt to label the siblings as poor, chaotic, the two most likely to throw their lives away meaninglessly. but together the two are undeniably complex and burn a little more than they should whenever someone gets close to them. 
FC: Marie Avgeropoulos

          ○  ○  ○  ○

        the biological family

. . . GEORGIA EDISON, mother, gryffindor
FC: Jennifer Connelly

. . . Liam Edison, father, gryffindor

          ○  ○  ○  ○

         the loyalties

. . . MUSIDORA CAULDWELL, good friend, hufflepuff
FC: Ali Michael

          ○  ○  ○  ○

        the complications

. . . ISEULT LAROUSSE, first 'true love?', beauxbatons student
iseult was leo's first 'true love', if you could call it that, coming into his life in his third year during the triwizard tournament. he had never really had a best friend nor constant company, especially since his dads were so busy with their jobs and his sister was wrapped up with her own dramatic life. but after meeting iseult in detention (after he'd been bullying many students), he was taken with her passion for deleterious behaviour, the way she was bent on mayhem. he even thought she was pretty despite the gap in her teeth and the crooked nose. during their bonnie and clyde relationship, they raided the hogwarts kitchens, stole from hogsmeade and shared their first kiss. he even brought her home with him for the holidays. for once leo wasn't alone causing mischief, but with a girl even more trouble than himself (which had only seemed impossible until then). somehow leo had convinced himself he had fallen in love with a girl who could be his girlfriend and his best friend at the same time, so he was truly devastated when she froze up, went back home to france and never wrote him.
FC: Meag West

. . . SETH MCQUILLEN, best friend turned (ex)boyfriend, hufflepuff
FC: Henry Pedro-Wright

. . . MELANIE HART, girlfriend + future wife, slytherin
FC: Oliwia Wedzicha
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