NYFW Fall 2017: Street Style Day 3

Polyvore's photographer, Mark Iantosca, is live at NYFW and bringing you the hottest street style! Rain, snow and crazy cold temps aren't slowing us down! Which look do you love the most? Create a set inspired by your fave head-to-toe style!


Wrote 8 days ago
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Wrote 8 days ago
I saw this on tumbrl. Love it!

Wrote 8 days ago
Great pics! Unfortunately, snow and cold did definitely put a damper on things.

Wrote 8 days ago
I dare to say this isn't fashion, it's what you throw on that's around when you come out of the house. The word fashion has become so watered down it's meaningless when any dumpy outfit anybody puts on gets called fashion. Lazy is still a word rarely used but applies to what a lot of people wear. Because of this many designers have become lazy putting out collections of throwaway clothes. There's no creativity or much effort put into designing something people want to really own. You don't set out to buy something specific anymore. Clothing choices are bland and quality is almost nonexistent. I have yet to see a blogger write about or a magazine ask women what type of clothing do you really want to own and not just wear? These days if someone wears a pair of jeans with a crease in them they are considered dressed up. Designers are asking huge sums of money for clothes that look like wrinkled and torn up newspaper. Seeing someone in a well put together outfit is becoming endangered instead of the norm.

Wrote 8 days ago
Awesome pics :)

Wrote 8 days ago
Such amazing looks!! :) xx


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