As the HUGE Blackjack that I am I need to talk about this. I say HUGE because that's what I am:
- I can sing to all of their songs (in my own korean language).
- I learned the choreos for Fire, I Am The Best, I Don't Care, Can't Nobody, Clap Your Hands, Please Don't Go, Falling in Love, Do You Love Me and The Baddest Female.
- If you show me any photo of one of the members (specially if it's Park Bom) I could tell which performance or in what ocassion the photo was taken just by the clothes and hairstyle and I could also guess what were the other members wearing. If it is a performance, because of their poses, I could tell which song they were playing.
- I watched 2ne1tv a hundred times and all the tv and radio shows they appeared on.
- I've done 110 2ne1 sets plus the ones that are still on my drafts.

You can totally tell that my fav member is Park Bom. For me, she's a role model. All of them are my role models indeed. I discovered 2ne1 in my most fragile era of my life. Thanks to them, I learned to be more myself and the inner Alicia started to grow. 

After saying this, I would like to give MY OPINION on their disbandment. I think there were 2 main reasons for it: YGEnt bad organization and Park Bom's scandal. 
What I don't get it's ALL this hate towards YG (Yang Hyun Suk). I read that Yang Hyun Suk is just the face of YGEnt. For sure, there are people above him that take the major decisions. I read that one year (I don't remember exactly when) YGEnt sold a part of its company to other companies, so YGEnt is ruled by more than one person (not including Yang Hyun Suk, although he takes an important part too). 
If the company let Minzy sell her solo album she would stay in YGEnt. But she left indeed because she wasn't able to shine and I totally understand her reasons. But tell me, were you really convinced that 2ne1 would be any succees as 3? I don't think so. Ok, there are many groups like SNSD, EXO or B2ST that are still promoting with less members. But don't forget that 2ne1 is 4 of them, every single member is essential in the group. Anyways, YGEnt told us that 2ne1 would continue as 3.
Here is where Park Bom's scandal takes part (it took place before Minzy's departure, but it's still a hot topic). When the scandal was out, EVERYONE in S.Korea was HATING on HER. She couldn't attend at public events, perfomances or appear anywhere. Although her fans stood for her, 2ne1 popularity and image went down. I'm not saying the disbandment it's Park Bom's fault, but it might be a reason for the big bosses to stop promoting 2ne1 in any ways.
I'd also like to say, that I think Yang Hyun Suk was wrong directly accusing Park Bom, but once again, he's not the super boss, he has people above him.

My conclusion is that YGEnt wasn't taking care of Minzy well because -I don't know why- they thought Minzy's solo album wouldn't be successful and on the other hand, Korea's mindset also takes a huge influence on all this topic.

I want to finish saying: once a Blackjack, always a Blackjack. I can't wait to see what Minzy has prepared for us and what is Park Bom going to do next. I can't wait for CL to come out with her US album and to know what is Dara going to do next. For sure, I will support all of them individually and I'll try to just remember the awesome memories we did all this time with 2ne1. The 4 of them.
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Wrote yesterday
@raphaellakay yup! It's so unfair u.u

Wrote two days ago
I'm not as sad as you since I drifted apart from k-pop these latest months but still what a disappointing ending for such an iconic group :'(

Wrote two days ago
@followmiiin ahh it was really hard for me to write the description ~ thanks for reading!
It's very very sad just to think about how unfair all this stuff is! And I agree with you, 2ne1 is unique ♥
Thank you so much sister ♥

Wrote three days ago
When I finished reading his description, I was crying. TT-TT It's as sad a group as powerful as 2ne1 comes to an end. It was so painful to know this news, I do not really know what else to say, because whenever I think and reflect on it it makes me want to cry. I believe that there will never be a group like 2NE1, they're irreplaceable, their songs have a power that no group of girls will ever have. And support what you said sister "once a Blackjack, always a Blackjack!!" / hug ♥
PS: The beauty of this set goes beyond perfect! *o*



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